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Welcome to Buckhorn Sand and Gravel

Buckhorn Sand & Gravel has been serving residential and commercial customers in Buckhorn and the surrounding area since 1963.

Clients include home owners, home builders, landscaping companies, construction companies, developers, cities, municipalities, and townships.

We have a large fleet of specialized equipment and machinery to handle projects of any size and type.

Whether you need a set of stone steps, a shoreline reconstruction, or an entire property transformation, get in touch today... one call does it all!

For over 50 years we've been providing home owners and home builders with a wide range of construction and landscaping products. Delivery or pickup available.

Our Products

Our products include:

• Aggregates (sand, gravel)
• Residential fill
• Garden mulch
• Screened top soil
• Screened beach sand
• Stone blocks, slabs, steps
• Armour stone
• Flagstone
• Limestone
• Granite
• Clear stone

Our Services

Our services include:

• Construction
• Excavation
• Demolition
• Landscaping
• Steps and walkways
• Roads and driveways
• Foundations and basements
• Retaining walls
• Shoreline walls
• Culverts and trenches
• Drilling and blasting
• Septic system installation
• Septic system pumping
• Aggregate sales & delivery