Natural Stone For Your Landscaping Needs

Granite Rock Quarry Custom Patio Rock Construction

We offer an assortment of granite and limestone products. Your choice of cut or natural stone.

In granite we have 1/2″ – 3/4″ pea stone, large and small river rock, and large granite boulders that can be used to create gardens or just for that one accent piece to complete your project.

Our natural limestone products are from our Bass Lane quarry located just north of Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Unmatched by any other quarry is the quality of our stone and the colour selection available. The quarry naturally produces stone that can be used for patios (1″ – 4″ flagstone), walls and retainments (9″+ armour stone), and steps (5″ – 8″ thick).

Choose from a selection of colours: 3 shades of grey (charcoal, light grey, mid grey), chocolate brown, mocha, green, and a unique red.

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